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Here in Florida, flat roofs are a very common roof style among residential and commercial buildings, according to Destin roofing companies. However, flat roofs come with different problems and threats compared to the average sloped roof. Here are some of the most common problems flat roofs face that a Destin roofing company notices.


Although Florida does have many alligators, “alligatoring” on a roof does not mean alligators congregate on a roof. Instead, alligatoring refers to a flat roof that has lost its elasticity and starts to crack and bubble – ultimately resembling alligator skin. Sun exposure is the leading cause of alligatoring and will need a roof repair company in Destin to come out and fix it.

Ponding Water

Because flat roofs do not have much of a slope, it can be fairly easy for water to gather into small ponds if the flat roof is damaged. If water does start to form into ponds, it will begin to lead to more serious problems with the roofing system, including leaks and growth of algae.


Over time, houses shift and settle. When this happens, the roof does too. Because a flat roof’s membrane is all one piece, when the house shifts, the movement causes the roof to buckle. When a roof does buckle, it will start to cause major problems and will need to be repaired by the best roofing company in Destin.


As we mentioned earlier, because a flat roof has a minimal slope, it’s much easier to develop moisture problems. When water does start to pool, it has nowhere to go but seep down and leak into the building. This is why it’s vital to have your flat roof regularly inspected by the best roofer in Destin.


The lack of slope that flat roofs have allows debris to be collected much easier than any other roofing system. When debris collects on a flat roof, it eventually blocks drainage unless it is removed.


Flat roofs require special care from a Destin, FL roofing company. They offer numerous benefits, but many problems can occur if they are neglected. Fortunately, here at Kings Roofing, LLC, we repair and replace flat roofs all the time. If you have a flat roof, make sure you are proactive and receive regular roof inspections by Destin roofing companies. At Kings Roofing, LLC, we offer thorough inspections and free estimates. Give us a call today!



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