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Getting a new roof can feel like a hassle, but the benefits of a new roof are endless. Because replacing your roof is a significant investment and decision to make, you may constantly push back calling a Pensacola roofing company to come out and give you a quote. However, here’s what you are missing out by not replacing your roof when it needs to be done.

Top Five Benefits of a New Roof


  1. Increased Property Value

The first major benefit of a new roof is the increase in property value. If you intend to sell your home anytime soon or within the next couple of years, your home will be much more attractive to potential buyers when they know how new your roof is.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Once the best roofer in Pensacola replaces your roofing system, you will be surprised at how much your heating and cooling bills will decrease. The older your roof is, the more likely it is leaking cool air, whether you realize it or not. When this happens, the harder your HVAC has to work, which ultimately raises your energy bills.

  1. More Protection

A roof is designed with one purpose in mind – to keep you, your family, and your possessions safe. Unfortunately, roofs do not last forever and will need to be replaced after a few years. The more age a roof has on it, the less it does what it’s intended to do. By having the best roofing company in Pensacola replace your roof, the more protection you will receive.

  1. Curb Appeal

In addition to an increase in property value, your curb appeal will also increase with it. According to realtors and Pensacola roofing companies, the condition of a roof plays a major factor in a home’s curb appeal.

  1. Warranty

A benefit of a new roof that homeowners find very beneficial is the manufacture warranty that comes with it. If your roof is extremely old, it’s likely the warranty on it has expired. This means if something happens to your roof, it will be up to you to pay for the damage repair. Luckily, with a roof installed by one of the best roofing companies in Pensacola, you will receive a new manufacturer’s warranty.


While there are many more benefits of getting a new roof, these are just five of the most prominent. Our job as a Pensacola metal roof contractor is to inform you of everything roof-related.  Our Pensacola roofing company is prepared to tackle any problem your roof may be experiencing and give you the new roof you need to feel safe. For roofing services from a residential and commercial roofer in Panama City, Pensacola, Destin, or Port Charlotte, contact us today!



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