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Replacing a roof could easily be considered one of the most significant projects you partake in as a homeowner. While a roof doesn’t need to be replaced for many years, it can be a huge commitment when the time comes. A roof replacement is much more than hammering shingles or laying down sheets of metal. When the best roofer in Pensacola replaces a roof, it is a project that requires extensive preparation and professionalism. 


The first step in replacing a roof is to contact a few roofing companies to receive an inspection of your current roof condition. Because installing a roof is a serious job, you need one of the best roofing companies in Pensacola – like Kings Roofing – to ensure you will receive a quality roof that will last for many years. 

Roofing Material 

The next step is to choose your new roofing material. There are many different options and colors available, but your choice depends on your personal taste and what you can afford. In Floridaa metal roof is a very common option.  

Property Protection 

Before construction begins, you will know whether you have the best roofing company by what steps they take to protect your home and property. This includes protecting the windows, gutters, siding, any sunroofs, etc. from any damage that may occur on-site.  

Roof Removal 

Removing any and all preexisting shingles or metal is crucial in order to properly inspect the wood decking. Layering over the old material with new ones won’t let you or the roofer know if problems are occurring underneath that may need attention. 

Surface Preparation 

Prepping the surface of a roof is crucial to make sure the material will stay intact. First, the wood decking will be inspected for damage and be replaced if needed for a proper roof rafter attachment. Next, the wood decking will be re-nailed, and a drip edge will be installed to prevent rain from finding its way underneath the shingles. Afterward, the entire roof will then be covered with roofing felt so the shingles don’t stick to the wood. 

Shingle Installation 

Once the roofer has completed all of the above, they will then lay out the new shingles or strips of metal.  

person hammering nail into roof

Clean Up 

Once your new roof is installed, the old shingles and debris will be hauled out, and your property should look better than before. 

Final Inspection 

Lastly, the roofer will complete a final inspection on performance and for your satisfactory approval.  

Contact Kings Roofing 

Looking for the best roofing companyLook no further than Kings Roofing! With three decades under our belt, we continue to place tremendous value on comprehensive and customer-friendly services. With Kings Roofing – the best roofing company in Pensacola – you can expect nothing but quality work. Contact us today!



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