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As one of the premier Destin roofing companies for over 30 years, Kings Roofing has seen many different types of damage to roofs in Florida.  It could be wind damage from a severe storm, a branch falling from a tree that punctures the roof, but what about damage from animals? 

Several animals have history of doing damage to roofs in Florida.  As a leading roof repair company in DestinKings Roofing has compiled a list of things to look for if you think there is a rodent problem on your roof or in your attic. 

  • Animal tracks or trails on your property 
  • Scratching or squeaking noises from above your ceiling 
  • Feces, odor, or urine stains from animals 
  • Nests, debris, or damage in your attic 

If you notice any of the previously listed items, it would be best to call an animal control specialist to remove the furry offenders.  Below is a list of the most common rodents that many Destin roofing companies have seen damage roofs.  


Squirrels are notorious for chewing through almost any material such as wood, wiring, or ductwork.  According to many of the best roofing companies in Destin, squirrels have even been known to chew through shingles and other roofing materials to gain access to an attic.  Once they enter the attic, they will build a nest and likely stay as long as you let them. 


Although small, rats can be a significant nuisance to your home.  Multiple factors make rats hard to contain.  First, they are tiny, so they can maneuver through the smallest crevices.  They also reproduce very quickly and build up large colonies if they are not removed.  There’s a good chance that if you see one or two ratsthose aren’t the only ones in your home. 

Destin roofing companies


Raccoons are the biggest in size when it comes to the most common attic-dwelling creatures.  Since they are the biggest in size, they typically make the most noise, according to the best roofing companies in Destin.  To make matters worse, their animal waste has been known to cause health issues to those exposed to it.  If you suspect any type of rodent infestation, please hire a professional to remove these critters immediately. 


Although they are not typically as large as raccoons, opossums can do their share of damage to roofs and attics.  They are also a health risk as they are known to carry fleas, parasites, and mites.   

If you suspect any type of rodent infestation, please hire a professional to remove these critters immediately. 

Fixing Your Roof to Prevent Infestation 

If rodents have damaged your roof and you want to keep them away for good, call the best roofer in DestinKings Roofing.  If you’re tired of the damage done to your shingled roof and want to look at other options, we can assist with that also.  Kings Roofing is a leading Destin metal roof contractor if you would like to add a new metal roof to your home. 

Contact us today so we can help you find the perfect solution for your roofing needs! 



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