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What is a drip edge and do I need one on a roof in Destin?

Did you know that your local, trusted Destin, FL roofing company can install a drip edge on your roof? Not sure what a drip edge is? This article reviews what a drip edge is, its purpose and how to get one installed with your new roof. This metal sheet is installed at the edge of your roof and directs water away from your roof’s fascia and into the gutters. Without a drip edge, water can end up beneath your shingles and cause leaks or other damage. That’s what makes it important for a roof in Destin.

Why Should You Ask the Best Destin Roofing Companies to Install a Drip Edge for Your Roof?

A Destin metal roof contractor will install drip edges for two main purposes: to direct water away from your roof and to protect against wind-driven rain. This can help keep shingles from flying off and reduce the speed of the wind that hits your roof.

Benefits of a Drip Edge:

  • Prevents water from getting under roof shingles
  • Keeps water away from your foundation
  • Guards your ceilings and basements against water damage
  • Deters pests
  • Protects fascia and soffit

What Are Drip Edges Made From?

There are many materials that a drip edge are made from, including aluminum, galvanized steel, and copper. Aluminum is the most common material because it is not as strong as steel but does not corrode and has more color choices. Ask your local, Destin metal roof contractor about options.

What Are the Different Types of Drip Edges?

A roofing company in Destin, FL, can install three types of drip edges: type C, type D, and type F. Type C is the classic drip edge. It has an “L” shape and is bent to a 90-degree angle. Type D, This drip edge is ideal for those who want water to drain further away from their roof. The “T” shape allows for this and is a preferred choice of roofing company in Destin, FL. Type F, This extended drip edge is perfect for roofs that need extra protection from the elements. The longer leading edge does a great job of keeping water out of your gutters and is known as a “gutter apron.” It is easily installed over existing shingles and drip edges.

Get a Free Estimate From Kings Roofing NWFL, LLC

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