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There are many things you should ask yourself and your real estate agent before putting a down payment on a home. Among the many features of a home you should ask about, the roof should be at the top of the list. Known as being the best Destin roofing companies, our team at Kings Roofing has put together a list of roof questions to ask your real estate agent:  

How old is the roof? 

If you are looking at homes that were built many years ago, the first question you should ask your real estate agent is the age of the roof. If the roof of the house you are looking at is getting older, understand that you may need to replace it relatively soon. Always try and buy a house that has a roof less than ten years old. If the current homeowner does not know the roof’s age, a Destin roofing company can come out and inspect it to get a general idea based on its condition.  

What type of roof is it? 

Knowing what type of roof a house has is an excellent way to know what kind of maintenance you can expect to partake in down the road. Additionally, the material of the roof will ultimately determine its lifespan. For example, an asphalt shingle roof will have a shorter lifespan than a metal roof. This is why it’s essential to ask how old a home’s roof is before purchasing it.  

Is the roof under warranty? 

Purchasing a home with a roof still under warranty is going to be your most ideal scenario. This means the roof is likely relatively new, and you won’t have to worry about paying for any roofing material defects.  

What work has been done on the roof recently? 

Ask your real estate agent what work, if any, has recently been performed on the roof. The current homeowner should be able to provide roof repair documentation and contact information of the roofing company that performed the repairs. If a roof has had a lot of work on it recently, you can likely assume you will be stuck with roof problems after purchasing the home.  

Contact the Best Roofing Company in Destin 

If you are shopping for homes in the Destin area or looking to sell your homecontact the experts at Kings Roofing today. Someone from our team would be happy to come out and conduct a thorough inspection of your roof to determine its condition. We provide a variety of roofing services, while also being a highly respected roof repair company in Destin. We look forward to working with you! 



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