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Hurricanes are quite possibly the most significant threat roofs face. Amid a hurricane, a roof can be exposed to extreme winds of up to 155 mph. Winds this strong have the potential to pull off shingles, tiles, and even parts of the roofing system if it is in rough condition. This is why roofing companies in Florida highly encourage homeowners to check their roof’s condition before a hurricane hits. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of information on how to prepare a roof for hurricanes, according to Pensacola roofing companies. 

Get a Roof Inspection  

Before hurricane season hits, it is crucial that you receive a proper roof inspection from a roof repair company. With years of experience under their belt, roofing contractors are qualified to adequately check any roof condition. They would be able to let you know whether your roof is experiencing any problems that could result in serious damage if a hurricane were to hit. Even if a hurricane doesn’t end up hitting you, there’s still no harm in receiving a professional roof inspection once a year. 

Repair Any Damage 

If you’ve been holding off on repairing any damage to your roof, there’s no better time to fix it than right before hurricane season. Reduce your chance of losing shingles and tiles by scheduling a time for a roof repair company to come out and give attention to any weak spots on your roof. This will help prevent the likelihood of water leaking through the roofing system and causing more damage. 

Things to look for include: 

  • Damaged flashing 
  • Loose screws 
  • Rotten wood in the area below the metal trim of the roof (soffit) 
  • Cracked sealants 
  • Worn boots around pipes 
  • Loose or missing shingles 
  • Water in the attic 

Trim Overhead Trees 

In addition to destroying roofs, hurricanes can easily break even the strongest of tree limbs. If you have any large tree limbs near or hanging over your roof, it is good to trim them. Doing so will prevent them from falling onto your roof and causing serious damage. Even if the tree limb doesn’t snap, debris can build up on the roof (which isn’t good). 

Secure Yard Furniture 

When a hurricane is about to hit land, roofing companies suggest securing any yard furniture and decorations you may have to prevent them from becoming flying projectiles. Depending on how large your outdoor furniture is, your best bet is to either bring them inside or tie them down securely so they don’t fly away and possibly damage your roof. 

Remove Gutter Debris 

Believe it or not, clogged gutters and valleys can easily cause water to back up and enter your home and damage the roofing system. Before a major storm, make sure your gutters and valleys are free from debris so rainwater can flow through.  

Be Hurricane Ready With Help From Kings Roofing 

Before the next hurricane rolls through, make sure your roof is ready to handle it. Contact Kings Roofing – a roof repair company in Pensacola – for an inspection and determine whether your roof is prepared to withstand strong winds and rain.   



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