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If you ask a local roof repair company in Panama City, they will likely tell you a new roof should last at 15 years or longer.  However, there are always exceptions to the rule, as significant events like hurricanes, severe thunderstorms, wind damage, fires, or falling trees could happen at any minute. 

If your roof is the victim of one of these events, you will likely need to go through the process of filing a homeowner’s insurance claim.  Kings Roofing is a trusted Panama City roofing company, and we will help guide you through the process of filing your claim in the steps below. 

  • File Your Claim Immediately
  • Take Care of Emergency Repairs
  • Take Notes and Photos
  • Hire a Contractor

File Your Claim Immediately

Once the storm or event has ended, take a quick look at your roof and look for damage. If damage is noticed, then contact your insurance company or begin filing your claim online.  Panama City roofing companies know that there are filing deadlines for damage caused by storms. Once your claim is filed, an adjuster will likely reach out to you and come inspect the damage. After that, the inspector will prepare the claim for review by your insurance company. 

roof repair company in Panama City

Take Notes and Photos 

Your first instinct might be to clean up and debris and do emergency repairs, but you should wait on that for just a bit.  Photos and videos can show how significant the damage is and will help you get the most out of your claim.  Also, Panama City roofing companies suggest taking notes that might support your claim, like the time and date of the storm. 

Take Care of Emergency Repairs 

If the damage to your roof was caused by a widespread storm like a hurricane, it might be a while before a roof repair company in Panama City can repair it.  You need to find the best temporary solution possible to prevent further damage.  The most popular option for many is to cover any roof holes with a tarp. 

roof repair company in Panama City

Contact Kings Roofing

Our experienced team at Kings Roofing will help you get through this challenging situation.  As an experienced Panama City roofing company, we know how to deal with claims with compassion and understanding for our customers.  We’ll evaluate the damage, give you a free estimate, then work with your insurance company to find the best solution to repair your roof. 

roof repair company in Panama City 

For assistance with a roofing claim or if you need a roof repair company in Panama City to fix a few broken shingles, call Kings Roofing today at (850) 215-0423 or contact us online for a free estimate. 



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