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The roof is one of the most important features of a house. It protects the people dwelling inside it and its possessions. Unfortunately, over time a roof wears out, and the structure begins to weaken. When this happens, you must call a roofing company to come out and replace it. However, if you receive multiple estimates from local roofing companies, you may wonder why all the estimates are so different. This is because there are many factors that determine the price of a new roof. So what are those factors? Here are just a few:

Roof Size

The most obvious factor that determines how expensive a roof replacement will be is the roof’s size. Before a roofing contractor hands you an estimate, they will first take an accurate measurement of the roof’s square footage. When there is more area to cover, more materials will be needed, and the more you will need to budget for it.  

New Roofing Material

Not all roofing materials are priced the same. This means what material you decide to replace your roof with will also determine the cost. For instance, asphalt shingles tend to be less expensive than concrete, clay, and metal. However, just like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Roofing materials are priced based on elements such as aesthetics, durability, weight, and longevity. 

Tip – For a home in Florida, our Panama City roofing company highly recommends installing a metal roof. Metal is an extremely durable material and holds up well from the extreme weather Florida can receive.  

Roof Pitch or Slope

The design of a roof is another critical determining factor in the price of a new roof. For example, a simple roof design is easier for roofers to work on and don’t require elaborate scaffolding and safety equipment. On the other hand, elaborate roof designs are challenging to walk on and involve much more staging and safety to install the roof properly.

Extent of Old Roof Damage

Before placing down new material, the roofing company will first remove the old material. Something that can impact your new roof’s cost is the extent of damage on your old roof. If you have water damage, wood rot, or other serious wear-and-tear, it will take the roofers more time to dispose of the material. Additionally, they will need to also completely replace whatever they got rid of, ultimately costing you more.   

Get an Estimate From Kings Roofing 

Roofing Solutions should not place undo stress on property owners. We understand that leaks happen, as do downed trees and power lines. You need the best roofer in Panama City, Pensacola, and Destin who you can trust to provide exemplary repairs and re-roofs. At Kings Roofing, LLC, we have dedicated professionals who are committed to helping residents along the Emerald Coast fortify their roofs against potential damage caused by Hurricanes and Tropical Storms, as well as recover from storm damage. As a roof repair company and roof contractor, Kings Roofing, LLC takes pride in delivering quality work with experienced roofers that are dependable. We even guarantee our work and your satisfaction; something you can only get with the best roofing company. In addition, we are a proud member of the Chamber of Commerce. We take pride in making a positive impact on our community and its residents.

Looking to receive a roof estimate from a Panama City metal roof contractor? No matter whether you have a flat or sloped roof, we are here for you. We are a GAF and OSHA certified company that takes pride in offering excellent customer service to our customers. Our goal is to provide you with a safe environment and the peace of mind you deserve. We provide free estimates, financing, and guaranteed satisfaction. Contact us today to set up an appointment! 



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