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A Roof Repair Company in Pensacola Discusses Residential Roofing – A leading roof repair company in Pensacola understands that the roofing world can get confusing to those who aren’t familiar with it. There are many different terms for many different things, numerous tools to remember, and then the guessing game of drawing up estimates. It’s a lot for people who aren’t professional roofing contractors.

At Kings Roofing, we are proud to be a leading roofer in Pensacola and always ensure that our customers’ needs come first. We specialize in roof repairs, replacements, installations, and metal roofs. Our team of expert contractors has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a beautiful new roof or leave your old roof looking as good as new.

One thing that always eludes people is the difference between residential and commercial roofing. So, to help clear up some of the confusion, we will discuss residential roofing, what it is, the difference between residential and commercial roofing, and the benefits of having your residential roof repaired.


What is Residential Roofing?

According to a leading roofing company in Pensacola, the term residential roofing simply refers to the roof over your home or your residence, so to speak. Residential roofing contractors specialize in repairing roofs on people’s homes, including shingle repairs, gutter replacements, and removing debris build-up.


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What Are The Differences Between Residential and Commercial Roofing?

According to a trusted roofer in Pensacola, there are three main differences between residential and commercial roofing: the materials, design, and maintenance. Many residential roofs are made from shingles or tiles, while commercial roofs are typically made from metal. Residential roofs are also designed with a slope, while commercial roofs are flat. This makes the maintenance process a bit different for each type of roof.


Benefits of Having Your Residential Roof Repaired

According to a trusted Pensacola roofing company, repairing your residential roof has several benefits. First, you’ll likely save some money if you replace damage early. This is because you caught the damage before it became a bigger, more expensive issue.

Repairing your residential roof can also help lower your home’s energy bill. One of the most common issues caused by damaged residential roofs is insulation problems, which can cost you up to hundreds of dollars extra towards your energy bill. It’s important to have your roof inspected by Pensacola roofing companies so you can ensure that your home has adequate insulation.

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At Kings Roofing, we pride ourselves on the professional, friendly service offered by some of the most trusted roofers in Panama City, and we strive to be the best roofer in Pensacola. We specialize in roof repairs, installations, commercial, and metal roofs in the Panama City, Destin, Tallahassee, and Pensacola areas, as well as other neighboring communities.

You can contact us online today for a free quote or give us a call at 850-215-0423 to speak with a roofing specialist about your Pensacola roof.



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